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M.J.S Bindra

M.J.S Bindra.
President and CEO.
Lean Kaizen Business Consulting.
Chandigarh & Pune. India.

Email ID : bindramjs@leankbc.com
Mobile : +91-9915500469.

MJS Bindra has helped large companies across India, Africa, UAE and Russia in big improvements in their business performance, turning around some of them. The focus is on increased profits by reducing or eliminating wastes in the system.

MJS Bindra is a technocrat, worked in the steel industry with extensive trainings at multinational corporations at USA, Germany and Japan.

He is trained in Toyota Production System, TPM,TQM at Komatsu Career Corporation at Japan.

As a Toyota Production System Consultant and implementer he has worked in 40 large and medium industries across India, Africa, UAE and Russia. He has many success stories in Business Process Transformation.

He is strong believer in 'Lean Accounting' and stresses that the companies which are embarking on or have advance Kaizen, Lean and Toyota Production System implementation will not be able to succeed and sustain Lean if they don't believe and implement 'Lean Accounting'.

Lean Accounting and Lean manufacturing go hand in hand. Lean Accounting follows Lean manufacturing. Unless you don't convert your gains in value you don't know whether the organization has benefited financially or not. Month on Month the Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Associates should know whether lean benefits are accruing and showing up on the bottom line.

Along with Lean Manufacturing and Lean Accounting the Lean ERP becomes important. Specific lean initiatives will eventually fail without considerable attention to specific ERP aspects. Lean addresses how processes should work and Lean ERP makes sure the processes work consistently

He stresses, unless you have implemented Skill Matrix Score for all Associates, Performance Score Card for First Level Engineers and Supervisors, and Balance Score Cards for Managers and have not tied the organization together towards common goals the results will not be spectacular.

Most of the companies where he has worked saw both the top and bottom line going up with the implementation of Lean. A lean company brings in flexibility and it also becomes easier to steer when the economy is in the slowdown phase.

For more details background on MJS Bindra please visit his profile on LinkedIn. http://in.linkedin.com/pub/mjs-bindra/34/724/212