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Lean and Kaizen Consulting Services

Business success comes when your clients are delighted with your products or service.

Lean Kaizen Business Consulting helps their client companies to achieve these results in order to delight their Customers.



This is the success rate of the organization engaged in the implementation of the Lean/Toyota Production System.


Lean is where you want to reach and Kaizen is the way to reach there.

Lean means less and less. Less of Material, Machine, Method, Man (Purposeful deployment), Measurement.

All businesses have their own set of irritants, which prevent them from reaching their targets. Month on month it is the same story there is some problem or another. Sometimes due to lack of few items/raw materials the process cannot be completed or it is some quality problem or equipment breakdown that stops the finished products from reaching the customer in time.

Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System implementation is the way out to solve all these problems. This will increase the smooth ‘Flow’ in the processes from raw material to finished products by eliminating the obstructions.

Personnel are trained to pull the material if the flow is not taking place. The Personnel are trained on the value Stream mind set instead of functional approach.

All businesses have therefore their own set of requirements depending upon their starting point

  • Conditions of the machines
  • Skill level
  • Process complexity.
  • Product Knowledge.

Lean Kaizen and Business Consulting provides a flexible approach to meet these varying requirements.

Typically the methodology includes

  • Assessment and Value Stream Mapping to determine the key issues which the client is facing and identifying low hanging fruits.
  • Training on Kaizen Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Coaching Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Associates.
  • Sessions with the Senior Management.
  • Formation of the cross functional teams and identifying the Internal Champions.
  • Training the internal Champions on communication and leadership.
  • Hand holding sessions.
  • Having Team presentations on regular intervals and celebrations on having achieved results.

The ultimate goal is to have internally charged, no investment, environment for improvement but wisdom based and process based orientation so that a lean culture takes the root in the organization and it becomes a habit of the employees to do everything the Kaizen way, the standardized way.

Lean Transformation System

Sustenance is the key .It will be possible only if education and training is the central focus of the organization and becomes as important as the final product dispatches from the plants or providing services to your clients.

It involves every one in the organization. In most of the organizations managers are aware of what is ailing the organization and what the opportunities available to correct the system are. Every Manager knows the problems but no one knows how to prioritize it and work on it to reduce these constraints.

Lean Kaizen Business Institute helps you in achieving and sustaining the overall objective of reducing costs and delivery time reduction by systematic working on the standardizing of the processes, in turn reducing the 7 Wastes from the processes.

These 7 Wastes are -D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E.

Through implementation of various Kaizen Lean tools these wastes are reduced or eliminated.  Various other tools are also put in place so that the sustenance is achieved and the organization does not crawl back to it’s original position.

The following list offers an introduction into the many lean and Kaizen tools Lean Kaizen Business Consulting delivers through training and implementation of focused improvement projects.


How to succeed in Lean Implementation

Through Lean assessment we identify the best opportunities and devise a road map to launch your Lean Journey to ensure that the low hanging fruits are plucked and initial time and resources allocations are worthwhile and motivating to all so that the lean journey is taken forward and your organization gets into the category of the 100% success and becomes a World class Company.

There are no short cuts .It is a rigorous exercise. Every body every where and every day has to work towards the road map and target the deadlines with regular reviews at all levels and once a month review by the top level.


Lean Kaizen Business Consulting has expertize in implementation of the Lean/Toyota Production System/TPM/TQM. These experts work with all departments and your teams and your Top Management and ensure that a Practical road map is finalized and implemented.

We also supervise the reviews so that the lean gains are converted to Top line growth and bottom line gains and ensure these gains are sustained and become a habits and culture of the organization.



Lean Kaizen Business Consulting   offers the highest quality training and consulting services available anywhere; and we feel strongly about producing results in your plant, with your people, addressing your problems and opportunities.

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