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'Implementation is the Key'.

Lean and Kaizen Consulting

Business success comes when your clients are delighted with your products or service. Lean Kaizen Business Consulting helps their client...
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Toyota Production System

Champions pay the price. The list of people who have achieved significant things by working many times harder than most is not long...
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Total Productive Maintenance

Hats off to the Japanese and Nippondenso, a Toyota Group Company who invented Total Productive Maintenance especially the Autonomous...
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Lean Accounting

You are a cost conscious company. You have understood cost plus profit pricing is no more acceptable by the market. Wise Customers have...
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Lean ERP

Lean Manufacturing makes you the least cost producer, with the best quality and a delighted clientele. Lean manufacturing defines...
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Daily Management

Call it by any name but it is the most important tool which helps us in sustaining the gains which we have achieved by implementing many...
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Business Plan Implementation

The market place determines our future, and as a group and as individuals we need to spend quality time there. The customer always...
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Balance Score Card

Strategy can be described as a series of cause and effect relationships. Strategy provides a "line of sight" from strategic to operational...
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Welcome to Lean Kaizen Business Consulting

Lean Kaizen Business Consulting is the leading international Consulting Firm helping Manufacturing & Service sector in both Govt and Private Sector to increase their profits and reduce costs.

Lean Kaizen Business Consulting team of experts works with the teams from the company directly on the Gemba (work place) towards increasing profits and lowering the costs and reducing the time taken to service the customer, the most important factor in the business whereby the 'cost to company' to produce the product or service is the least per unit.

Your Customer wants the lowest cost per unit on time without any quality problems and without any shortages in supply or lack of services.

Your Stakeholders wants swelling bottom line with a status in the industry fraternity as the Customer's First Choice.

Your Employees work hard,understand how the flow of the material and services is important and can't be slowed down. If they also understand how this slow downis linked with the loss in the monetary value then there is no looking back for the organization.

You have to run twice as fast as you are doing now then only you will be able to achieve yours and your stakeholders expectations.

Lean Kaizen Business Consulting does just that.On a month-to-month basis the Managers, Engineers,Supervisors are made aware whether they have made profit in the month or it was a month where loss was incurred and whether some other division or group company has contributed to their salary bills. The calculations are transparent and easily understandable and reflect the current happenings of that month while the memory is still fresh. Financial jargon will be replaced by common English, which can be understood by everyone.

The Indian economy is doing well.There is a lot of optimism about the future of the Indian Economy.Even the most hardened pessimists are betting on India.

Going back to our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's speech from the RedFort on 15th August 2014 on India's Independence Day where he emphasized the importance of improvements, which we have to bring to India in all spheres to get our past glory back.

Read the excerpt of Mr. Narendra Modi's Speech– It is all Kaizen and Lean.
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